About Fontain

The Creator

François H. was born on 13 August 1990 in Fontainebleau. As a child, his eye is attracted, almost magnetically, to silhouettes carrying handbags.

In 2011, after his training at the Compagnons du devoir, he learned leather work at Berluti as a shoe- maker. He was awarded the 2nd best apprentice in France in 2013.

A few years later, he decided to settle in the warm and bewitching atmosphere of Casablanca. It was in the heart of the white city, inspired by Art Deco architecture, that he decided to give life to his universe by launching his brand of leather goods, FONTAIN.

The Brand

FONTAIN is a handcrafted leather goods house. It draws its inspiration from the Art Deco & Modernism architectural trend.

To carry a FONTAIN handbag is sunbathing on The Stahl House terrace, climbing the steps of the Villa des Arts in Casablanca, having an Americano at the Celtic Hôtel in Saint Cast le Guildo.

From the beginning the intention was to materialize the FONTAIN universe.

A FONTAIN item makes sense when you see it with your own eyes and touch it with your own hands. Every detail has meaning. Everyone is free to interpret it according to their humeur.

It’s a time-out. A peaceful moment where you walk around, where you take the time to stop in the local pâtisserie to enjoy your éclair au café under the unbridled rhythm of passers-by.

« Sont utiles et belles les formes qui révèlent l’accord entre les exigences de la matière et les aspirations de l’esprit »
Charlotte Perriand 

At FONTAIN, the leather is the star. Every projects is made with attention and intention.

Every pieces of leather is sourced responsibly. Somes pieces comes from unsold stocks of luxury houses and French tanneries.

The FONTAIN showroom is located in the emblematic flea market of Saint Ouen, more precisely at the stand 200 of the Dauphine market.


All our products are handmade and need an average of 10 days of making.